From Brilliant, to Boorish, to the Way It Used to Be

When the four Best of Show finalists lined up at Pebble last August, most everyone (including myself) thought the most coveted award in the collector car kingdom would go to this sensational Hispano-Suiza J12 Coupe de Ville with Fernandez et Darrin coachwork.

With the concours season now upon us, it got me thinking about last year, and what happened. That passage of time turned out to be a real asset when reflecting on things, for it brought out the good, the brilliant, and the unexpected awful. So lets take a look… While I’m the first to admit […]

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The Dashboard Lights Are Flashing. Is Anyone Paying Attention?

If you ever wanted to know what $100 million looks like, this photo gives you a good idea. And we aren't talking about the marvelous home in the background!

Over the past several months, the collector car world has been abuzz over the escalation of values and the potential for a market downturn. Most everyone is fluffing off the idea, citing new people pouring into the arena, the collector car world now being a global community, values finally getting to where they should be, […]

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A Story That Hasn’t Been Told Before

"Ferrari Hypercars" will be out in October, and may very well be my best book to date. LaFerrari is on the cover, and is the latest (and very impressive) chapter in a decades-long story about the quest for ultimate speed.

For the past year I’ve been quietly slaving away on a Ferrari book with an historical storyline that has never been covered—an in-depth look that focuses solely on Maranello’s fastest ever road cars (to order an autographed copy, click here). These are those rare, limited production and one-off machines that when they were new, their […]

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Real Good Reads


For the past several months I’ve been slaving away on a groundbreaking book on Ferrari’s supercars that will be out later this year. It’s basically the culmination of all the interviews and research done over the past two-plus decades with key personnel in the most famous name in exotic car building. Those individuals’ voices drive […]

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Different Is Good—And Making a Comeback

The best profile on any new/modern car in 2013 belongs to Zagato's one-off Aston Martin DBS.

What makes a car “different?” On my last trip to Italy, Andrea Zagato, Marella Rivolta Zagato and I were hashing that out when discussing their one-off Aston Zagato DBS that was first seen at Aston’s Centenary in July. The Zagatos’ daily driver is a turbo diesel BMW Gran Coupe, and when Andrea mentioned that it […]

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The Plusses and Minuses of the Monterey Week

Pete Brock and his career was one of the Quail's features. Seen here with a number of his cars, he worked for Chevrolet and Shelby before branching out on his own. He's a delightful guy, with keen perceptions on automotive history. The Cobra Daytona Coupe he's leaning against (yes, the car's designer can do that!) won Best of Show.

The world’s greatest collector car orgy took place on California’s Monterey peninsula during the third week in August. Before digging into the gems and lumps of coal, lets make some sense out of the most talked about item of the week—the $27 million NART Spider. Several years ago I was fortunate enough to spend 48 […]

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The Arizona Auction Week, and More!

I loved this Plymouth Superbird, even with its weird specifications (Hemi engine, column shift, bench seat). To think that Superbirds (and the sister Dodge Daytona) cleared 200 mph on the race track 40+ years ago...

That more than $200 million worth of cars changed hands during Arizona Auction Week in January was no real surprise, given the buoyant atmosphere found everywhere I went. We’ll hit on a couple major trends and a few personal highlights before delving into what is behind it all. Personally, the first and most obvious trend […]

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The Craig Jackson You Don’t Know

These days Craig Jackson has good reason to smile. Over the past 15 years, and through lots of hard work, he has been more successful than any other auction house that specializes in selling cars to automotive collectors and enthusiasts.

There’s no doubting who is King of the Hill during January’s auction week in Arizona. Over the past 15+ years Barrett-Jackson impresario Craig Jackson has had incredible success, so much so that as I walked through his cathedral-sized auction tent last year with a very well connected market insider, the insider postulated “This week Craig […]

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We’ve Seen This Movie Before

Tesla's Model S sedan just won "2013 Car of the Year" from both Motor Trend and Automobile. The Model S--and Tesla itself-- shares a lot more in common than you would think with...

With a number of magazines coming out with their “Car of the Year” issues, here is today’s pop quiz: What do Tesla and De Tomaso have in common? Answer: A lot more than you think. We’ll start with the “obvious.” Tesla’s Model S was just named “Car of the Year” by Motor Trend and Automobile […]

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